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"Our wedding was a dream come true. And I couldn't have been happier to have Donna be a part of it. She did more than just marry my husband and I, she made herself a part of our dream. She was there for us, mostly me because I was so nervous, the entire way and really made sure that we were comfortable and could be in touch with her day and night if we needed her. She really took her time with us, and you can tell that Donna absolutely loves what she does, she's a big part of your most memorable and special day! Thank you so much Donna for making our Wedding day last forever in our hearts. I really meant when I said, people would be crazy not to get married by you."


Meredith and George





"Donna arrived early for our rehearsal ceremony, which was very unorganized, to say the least. Her patience with us was amazing, she coordinated the wedding party- where to walk, where to stand, and though we did several run through's, she did not give all of our ceremony away :) Leaving the best parts for the BIG day!

On June 14th, 2008 Donna waited at the alter with Eli, giving him kind words of advice and her friendly smile while I held up the show. She looked lovely for the outdoor ceremony and blended into our scene perfectly! She spoke clearly and audibly, and truly made our ceremony as special as possible for us.
I couldn't have asked for a more professional, but laid back, kind and calming person to head our ceremony. Thank you again Donna, and I'm certain you will make 100 more ceremony memories as wonderful as ours!"


Caitlin and Eli





"When the 10 day forecast became available, we were thrilled to see little beams of sunshine on our wedding day. As the days approached those little beams of sunshine turned into dark clouds with blazing thunderbolts. Hurricane Hannah was approaching.

The sun was still shining the day before as we rehearsed our wedding ceremony. We didn't just practice outside in the beautiful sunshine where this special event was supposed to take place, but we also rehearsed indoors. The entire time, Donna Buja assured us that everything would be alright, rain or shine.

Despite the extra cautions taken that night, our wedding ceremony was more beautiful than expected the following day. The rain held off and we became one, thanks to Donna. She guided us through the entire ceremony process with such ease and understanding. Together we created a unique ceremony filled with devotion, loyalty and trust. Through her gracious words Donna enchanted us and out guests. For that, we are so grateful."


Maresa and Nathan






"The wedding morning arrived. The moment grew closer and closer. Donna arrived and calmed a totally anxious groom (me). She came up with a plan to drive the wedding party to the tent using an off-road, but not totally destroyed, route…the path had turned into a runny impassible mess to our tent venue

She placed her hand on my arm, causing me to look over at her. “Just be calm. Everything that could go wrong has. Everything is still going to be perfect.” I froze for a second, and then realized everything would be fine.

The ceremony proceeded better than I could have ever expected. Donna made a dignified humorous remark about the weather and proceeded to deliver the best ceremony ever in the history of weddings. She had worked with us extensively and I could not be happier."


Mike and Jess





"Brian and I wanted a ceremony that reflected us as a couple, who we were, the values and beliefs we shared. Donna had so many different styles of ceremonies to choose from and guided us through the process of selecting the perfect one. We felt very comfortable with Donna, and that was important to us because we were so nervous on the big day that having a friendly face at the alter made a huge difference! I would recommend Donna to anyone who is looking for a stress free way of choosing the perfect ceremony for your big day.
She was fabulous!"


Lisa and Brian





"Donna really did a wonderful job with the ceremony and we can't thank you enough for opening up your home to us. You did a fabulous job - wouldn't change a thing! Our families loved you and the ceremony."


Jamie and Chris