Your wedding ceremony and the vows you speak should reflect the uniqueness of your personal relationship and celebrate your love for each other. Ultimately, a marriage is a promise to share one life together - a love filled promise of forever, and the joy of dreams come true. Congratulations and let the journey begin!


It would be my pleasure to help you plan your Special Day! We will work together to create a romantic and memorable wedding ceremony. Whether it is formal or casual, the celebration will reflect your love story and create a cherished memory for you and your family.


My fee for officiating your wedding starts at $200 for a ceremony I have prepared and includes a pre-wedding meeting. If you prefer to create a personal wedding ceremony my fee starts at $300 with as many edits as necessary to perfect your vision.


Additional fees may include travel expenses and/or attendance at your wedding rehearsal.


It will be my honor to assist you with your wedding ceremony ensuring that this will truly be all you’ve dreamed it would be…your special day.



On that very happy moment when you’re standing side by side as groom and bride…

Both of you reflect upon the love that brought you there…

A love that will sustain you through all the years you’ll share.‚Äč

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